Devastating Deep House from Ukraine: DJ and producer Vakula’s track titles ‘Deep Deep Down’, ‘T H E O Son’ and ‘Gospel Keyboards’ alone would tell you plenty about his approach to House music. He has mined further and more thoroughly into classic US house tropes than anyone in recent memory. Vakula differs from the usual European aping of Detroit and Chicago in two key ways, however. Firstly, he is incredibly prolific.

A staggering volume of 12”s for labels like Firecracker, Quintessentials, Uzuri, Dekmantel, Meakusma and Shevchenko over the last few years betray an unwavering commitment and deep seated comprehension of the style. The other point is a question of embellishment. Sure, much of his work could pass as a forgotten Moodymann standard, but whether it is his often Hip Hop length tracks, the ambush of an organ sample or simply just something a bit weird, Vakula’s tracks almost always come imbued with a sense of the unexpected.