Everything in balance between House and Techno, but essentially it should be deep. That is what Fabian Dikof stands for. Fabian always tries to communicate the Ups and Downs of a life to people on the Dancefloor. He wants to tell a story. Born in 1990 he discovers House-Music by no less than André Lodemann. At this time, André, working on a social project called DJ-Café, taught kids how to develop skills and knowledge and use those to produce music. In 2011 Fabians first Remix for Mario & Vidis „Plastic People“ ep was released on BWR.With his best friend and companion Felix Fischer followed the „White Dot/Around the World“ ep in the beginning of 2012 on the Berlin House Label. After Gigs at Watergate, Loftus Hall, About Blank and Tresor Fabian is maybe one of the artist who melts house music in its diversity.